Award winning clinic dedicated to the management and treatment of vertigo, dizziness, balance and concussion disorders - working with you to get the best outcomes and living a balanced life as quickly as possible. 

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At the Dizziness, Balance & Concussion Centre I understand how disruptive, distressing and frustrating life with dizziness, vertigo and balance issues can be.

There is a lot of confusing and poor information out there and with over ten years experience treating vestibular conditions I am here to help!

If you’re unsure about your recovery, who you need to see, what you need to do just get in touch to have a free, no obligation chat about your condition.

John Gonzalez

MSc (Hons) BA (Hons) MCSP HCPC registered

Treating dizziness, vertigo and concussion for over 10 years in Canada and the UK – get in touch to see how I can help!

Located next door to the historic Piece Hall, 2-minutes walk from the train station and plenty of parking a short walk away, it’s an easy place to find and good reason patients travel from miles around from Scotland, Wales and all over the UK.

Utilising the RightEye system and Video Infrared Frenzel goggles, you will get a thorough assessment and tailored treatment plan to meet your needs and get you better as quickly as possible


The key to getting the right treatment is a thorough assessment. 

Vertigo and dizziness has many different causes and effects everyone differently.

We take the time to get to you know you and your story, then closely assess different aspects of your balance system, which may include: 

​- Vestibular-ocular motor system – using eye tracking technology from RightEye

– Head and eye co-ordination

– Balance and gait

– Motion sensitivity

– Nystagmus – using infra-red

   video goggles


The key to treatment is that it is designed to meet your needs and the issues you are experiencing. 

Each treatment programme is tailored to your specific circumstances and goals and may include: 

– Vestibular rehabilitation 

Specific exercises to address your dizziness and vertigo – this is tailored to you so no two treatments are entirely the same

– Balance Retraining

Helping you regain your steadiness and confidence in the real world, not just the clinic

– Repositioning manoeuvres

Such as the Epley and other manoeuvre to help treat BPPV

Throughout the process support will be given remotely between sessions in the clinic and should any issues arise, you only need to get in touch. 

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