Dizziness and poor concentration

When suffering from dizziness, is it normal that your memory is not as good? Is it typical for concentration to be affected?

YES – many people describe exactly that, making their condition even harder to cope with.

These added symptoms can be extremely worrying; giving many people anxiety about whether they are having a neurological event. While being vigilant to the possibility of a neurological event, in many cases it is linked with the dizziness.

When dizzy, the brain and body feel under ‘attack’ and in many cases it takes enormous effort just to stay upright. This is why remembering all the details of a conversation, appointment times, people’s names and other day-to-day occurrences become secondary and often forgotten.

Many patients ‘beat themselves up’ and report feeling ‘stupid’ when this occurs – I’m always impressed with how well they can function with everything they are going though!

The key is treating the dizziness and the concentration and memory recall usually improve alongside. But while the dizziness is being treated, be kind to yourself and don’t worry if you forget some things – it’s quite normal.

Writing things down, using your phone for notes/ appointments and messages can also help. Also, patience from those close to you can go a long way.

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