When is it safe return to sport after a Concussion?

That is a question I get asked a lot!

At present, the best way to know you have recovered after a concussion is to compare your current results to a baseline set of results taken before the season. Now, a baseline test is not just one computer-based test – research shows that is not sufficient – it is lots of extra tests on top of that, all as valid and important as the next. This collective picture gives a good baseline test to use if you suffer a concussion anytime in the next year.

Since the UK is far behind those in North America, baseline testing is not mainstream – so what can we do instead?

The next best thing is to take you through a concussion recovery protocol and then to test many factors of your vestibular-ocular function alongside balance and other elements.

The key to getting an accurate picture is to do this AFTER you have exercised!

You are returning to playing sport, so the testing needs to make sure your brain after a concussion can cope with a high level of cardio-vascular demand and do all the normal vestibular-ocular functions as well – it could do this before the concussion and needs to be able afterwards aswell.

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